Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow when scrolling horizontally


I have a Logitech mouse that allows scrolling horizontally. I love using this feature in every tool that supports it, but apparently Lunacy doesn’t.

But actually it does move one click to the left/right, and then it probably tries to perform an additional task that makes it pop the message:
“Unexpected error:
Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow.”

I really want to scroll horizontally through Sketch files on my Windows machine with my dedicated mouse. Is there anything I could do to fix that?

Technical details:
Mouse model: MX620 Cordless Laser Mouse
Using latest Logitech SetPoint driver
Latest build of Windows 10 Pro (as of the post’s date)

Thanks in advance for any help!

Hello Polarts! Could you please specify the version of Lunacy that you are using and type of installation: Portable / Windows Store. What rights were used to launch the app? What OS build and version you are using: home/pro/edu/etc. Also please let us know the exact moment when this error arise! Does it happen with any files or some particular ones? It would be helpful to know the driver version as well. You may check up the version in the mouse program that you can find in the tray. We’d like to simulate the same settings and reproduce the issue.