Arm64 version in snap

Hi! Lunacy already has arm64 .deb package, please add also support for arm64 in snap version.

Unfortunately arm64 .deb version has a crash issues on non-ubuntu distros, but arm64 is unavailable in snap version.


We have uploaded an arm64 snap version, please try it out and let us know how it goes

By the way, could you share with us, what ARM device you are using to run Lunacy?


Thank you! But unfortunately I can’t find ARM64 build, see armhf only. Armhf is 32bit arm acrhitecture. ARM64 is aarch64, not armhf. So, as far I know, all modern (since ~2015-2017) arm devices has aarch64 processors. I’m not sure if it makes sense to support armhf along with aarch64. Unfortunately my device can’t run 32bit binaries at all, and I can’t try armhf build.


I use Apple M1 device with Asahi linux, arch based distro. It’s quite popular setup with growing community, and seems will even more popular in further. At least it’s most popular arm64 desktop device at this moment. I can provide you logs and more info about crash issues little later, and may be provide some help with debugging, if you want.

Thank you!

Arm64 should be available now, please see if it works