Autosave Setting

I believe autosave blinked past me during the setup somewhere, but now I can’t find it again - how do I setup autosave or adjust when it autosaves? e.g. on focus change and alike, thanks!

If you work with cloud documents, they are saved automatically and every change is sent to the server. So there is no need to do anything manually.

Changes in local documents are kept in the local cache until you press the Save button. If you save it manually, the changes go directly to the .sketch file. Just in case, it’s better to save local documents manually from time to time. It helps to avoid information loss.

So there is no auto-save for local documents?

There is auto-save for local documents too. You can work with your document, close Lunacy, and all the changes will be kept. Anyway, we recommend saving it manually once in a while, just to be 100% sure.

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Interesting, so does this happen on-change of the document or in intervals? further is it possible to make it commit to .sketch instead? thanks

It happens on-change, so every time you make a change in your project, the system saves it locally. The only way to commit the changes to .sketch is to use the Save option.

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