Border Bug on importing Figma files

OS: Windows 11
Lunacy version: 9.5.0

Hi guys I have a weird issue. On importing my files from Figma to Lunacy I noticed all my borders were randomly vectorized to paths instead of being borders (not sure if this is a bug or a glitch). Can someone tell me why this could have happened? And why was it separated from its shape?

Below is an image example.

Could you update to the latest beta and see if the issue is still there? You can do this directly from Lunacy by going to Lunacy->About Lunacy->Download. If this doesn’t help, please share the original file in the DMs.

Hey Alex thanks for getting back to me. I don’t see where to find that Beta download.

Try going to Help → About → Check for Beta updates. Please make sure that you have a Lunacy version downloaded directly from our website and not from the MS Store too: Lunacy – Free Design Software for Win, Mac, Linux

Hey Alex thanks for your patience, I uninstalled Lunacy from the MS store and did a direct download instead. I was able to update the Lunacy beta but this still didn’t work for me when I re-imported my files from Figma.

I will send you a private Figma link. Not sure how to share a link with Lunacy.