[BUG] Can't Download Collection As Font (500 Server Error)


Hi Folks,

I’m unable to download an icon collection as a Font (PNG and SVG downloads work fine). When attempting to do so the following error occurs:

api-icons.icons8.com/siteApi/tasks/webfonts:1 PUT https://api-icons.icons8.com/siteApi/tasks/webfonts 500
app.5e7646d0bd7012d6e540.js:1 error Error: Request failed with status code 500
at t.exports (commons.app.bd270fc21211e1563b93.js:2)
at t.exports (commons.app.bd270fc21211e1563b93.js:2)
at XMLHttpRequest.m.onreadystatechange (commons.app.bd270fc21211e1563b93.js:2)

Tested in both Safari and Chrome.



The fix for the issue should be rolled out by tomorrow night! Sorry for taking it so long.


Thanks Sergey, good to know a fix is in the works. I appreciate the prompt response! :grinning: