[Bug] Duplicating Artboard Issue

Sometimes when I duplicate an artboard. The duplicated copy is placed somewhere very far away instead of beside of the original copy.


What are your Lunacy and OS versions?

Windows 11 - Lunacy v8.7.2

Duplicates are created at the same distance that the last duplicate was moved to. I’ve attached a video below so you could see how it works.

If it works differently in your case, please record a screencast so I could replicate this error :raised_hands:

Please see screen recording


The duplicate appeared so far away because you moved the previous copy: when you move the previous copy the duplicate will be moved at the same distance.

I think the logic of where to place the duplicate needs more variation. As of currently, the logic where it will be moved very far away from the original doesn’t make sense.

There should be a maximum level of distance, or the duplicate module scan the pattern of the original’s surrounding area to see how far to move the duplicate.

I think the red bar that appear to show uniform distance when moving object would be helpful on determining this logic.

You’re right, I can see how it can be inconvenient too. I’ll pass your suggestion to our developers, we’ll see if we could implement this :+1: