[BUG] Error while opening file (OPEN)


I just installed Lunacy (using the installer version) on my PC running Windows 7 professional 64-bit and I’m getting an error when trying to open a file that was created on a MAC. I tried to open the file using the portable installer and receive the same error message.
The error I get is:
“Error while openning file.
Can’t open file. Wrong format or internal error.
Error details: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation…”

Since the file I’m trying to open is private, I will email it to lunacy@icons8.com along with a screenshot of the full error message.

Thanks in advance for your help,


Almost identical to the above, I have the following error: tempsnip

I’m on a PC running Windows 10 Home 64-bit (1803), opening a Sketch file created in OS X.


Hi Joff, could you please send us the file which actually causes the problem so that our dev team could look at it and fix the bug if any.


Hi! I have this file that failed partially, but still managed to load.


I have 2 other packages that failed completely :

To download put 0$ on the price! (or more to support the devs :slight_smile:)


great! I will forward them to our dev team!


I was able to download the file from the freebiesbug but could not from the gumroad. Could you forward it to our lunacy email or provide another link to download it.


My bad, I used the download link thinking it doesn’t expire, I pasted the original links now!


We are currently working on resolving the issues with opening the files that you guys and some other users sent to us. You’ll be able to open the files in upcoming 3.12 version of Lunacy. Let me know if you have any other files that you can not open at the moment.


I have same error


Please send me the file that causes this error


I am also getting the same error too. I am on Windows 10 - 64-bit. I am using version 3.13. I’ve also sent my file in to your team.



Hi, I am unable to open .sketch files in Lunacy on Windows 10. Gives an error “Can’t open file. Wrong format or internal error”. Have tried multiple .sketch files but still get this same error for all of them. Have emailed you on lunacy@icons8.com with screenshot and one such .sketch file earlier today.

Please suggest a solution ASAP. Thanks.


We are aware of this error, which periodically happens while opening files in version 3.13. This bug is fixed for the sketch files of version 52.x as well as for the files of earlier versions.


Here is the link to the video with demonstration of the fix: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RKf-E6k0bMs


Hi @Sergey , You said it’s already fixed in Version 3.14 . But I can’t find the source or where to download it. Kindly send the source code or the link where I can download the updated version?


https://icons8.com/lunacy - either download or use Microsoft Store (recommended)


Hello. I just installed version 3.14 and I am still having problems to open Sketch files. Could you please help me understand what the problem is. The following is the error message (see screenshot):
Since I am a new user, it seems that I cannot attach a file. But what can you tell me about my problem?


Please, email us the file at: lunacy@icons8.com


I also have the problem, Version
I emailed the sketch file to lunacy@icons8.com


Yes, we’ve received it! Thank you. We’ll thoroughly inspect it and will update you upon the results.