[BUG] Google fonts don't relink


I’ve noticed after reopening a file that the Google fonts I used, don’t automatically relink.
Instead, there’s triangles with a ‘!’ inside.

If I select the textbox, the font family is set to font family-font weight, in my case JosefinSans-Regular.
It doesn’t seem to be recognized as a font in this format.

I’m using Lunacy on Windows 10, installed from the Microsoft Store.

Anyone else that can back this up?



Yes, we know about this problem, we will try to solve it in the future.
In order for the fonts to load up to open the file, you can try to launch Lunacy first and after the sketch file.

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Hey Andrew,
Launching Lunacy first and then the sketch file works for me!
So thanks for the workaround!

We will try to fix this problem in the near future.

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