[BUG] Icon caches wiped on update

I was recently caching Icons8 icons within Lunacy (for some reason, no databases are included in the offline installer), by painstakingly scrolling through all the menus and submenus, so I could access the icons when offline.

When I went back online, a minor update was automatically downloaded, which I installed, and then my 200mb+ icon cache was wiped. :cry: It was a lot of work and data to download.

Any chance you could offer offline icon cache databases with the offline installer, or for independent download? Or a “Download all icon caches” option? Or at least not wipe it on updates?

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Thank you for the suggestion. We wiped the caches this time because several bugs had to be fixed, but overall caches should remain and carry over during updates.

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In the long run, we should eliminate this 200 MB download. It should download the icons on the go as it does with illustrations and photos. This piece is a tech debt.

Please don’t - I much prefer a large one-time download that I can depend on while on the move, than on-the-fly downloads. The issue, currently, is that there isn’t a one-time large download, the only way to cache all the icons is to manually scroll through everything… (and hope the cache doesn’t get wiped or invalidated. I was going to back it up to GitHub, but foolishly accepted the autoupdate).

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