[Bug] Icons Randomly Change Colors 🥴

The Bug :bug:

so, I am working on a UI design for an app, I left the desk for 2 hours and came back
seems like my bell icon randomly changed colors. image|240x500
and it’s not the first time it happened… randomly emojis will change their colors or disappear

System Infomation :desktop_computer:

Lunacy: (MsStore),
RAM: 26924s, 1688MB usage,
PC: Windows X64: Microsoft Windows 10.0.19044, 12 cores

More Info :information_source:

This happens both in cloud documents and local documents, and its annoying
Like, I make a design… come back… I have a new look with random colors :crazy_face:
Now, that isn’t the only thing that becomes broken, after one icon changes color as the document becomes affected :microbe:
Icons Smoked 🌿 | Lunacy Bug Report - YouTube - Video About This
its been happening only on the new update (8.7) when the document is open for a long time
I don’t know why, and the log just doesn’t generate properly so I can’t get any info about this

Use The Report Feture

I don’t like it because I can’t properly describe the issues, A better way would be to send people straight to this, with a bug templet ready (this type of forum software allows it, and it’s simple)
Here I can report issues and properly describe them or have a proper discussion :wink:


Am I correct that the different icons/emojis changing colors/disappearing and bell turning blue when placed on the canvas are two different issues, albeit connected?
Is your image example (with two bells) showing the before/after state? The color looks same to me, but hightlights turned to shadows, right?

After the icons change color eventually they will disappear.
The Shadow is an effect that I used… not related to the icon :slight_smile:
Effects don’t seem to cause this issue, as I wrote:

I am testing now the issue with a new local document, it has an artboard with an icon inside it
eventually, it will change the color of that icon, then you won’t be able to use the icon again
as I recorded in the video :top:

How long does it take for an icon to die? :laughing:
If it’s not that long, is it possible for you to record a timelapse of sorts to catch this happening?

I will report this anyway, but seeing it as it happens would be great.

it’s about 4hr - 8hr
Depending on the project size.
Now recording it will take to long (I need to use Lunacy to edit things), but you can try doing the test yourself.

This is kinda random with each Icon and maybe not all icons are effected

Sure, no problem.
I will get back to you once I have any news or if we need additional information

We haven’t been able to reproduce the issue yet. What did you mean by logs not generating properly?

They are empty, nothing generates in the file
And all cloud files from my account got removed…
The UI I worked on simply disappeared with all other cloud files.
I think that might have to do something with a password change, but logging into my account reveals nothing.

Hello, David

Have the Cloud for you come back to life? We’ll need your email to check the files