Bug: Images now showing on screen, application hangs


When opening my saved Lunacy file on my Windows machine this morning, none of the images display on my screen. The objects are there, the code for the objects are there and if I export the files all the images/designs are showing. However within the Lunacy app I am unable to view any of the canvases which I have on the page. Furthermore, the entire application is non responsive, I am unable to click on anything within the app, even when I click on my Lunacy short cut in my task bar and select “close window” nothing happens. Please can you help


Hello! I am sorry you’ve had a bad experience with Lunacy app. For better assistance, could you please send us the faulty file to lunacy@icons8.com. We’ll update you upon the resolution of the issue.


To expedite resolution of the issue, please answer these few questions: 1) What is the Lunacy version that you are currently using? 2) Are you experiencing similar issues with other projects? 3) What was the last time when you could successfully launch the project? 4) Have you installed any updates (Lunacy/Drivers/OS) since the last successful run of the project? 5) Don’t you have any updates waiting for computer reboot? Please reboot your PC if any such updates are waiting and try out to open the project again.