[BUG] Lunacy on Windows 7 not recognize fonts as shortcut (OPEN)


I am running Lunacy latest version on Windows 7. The software does not recognize fonts installed as shortcut in windows though Photoshop does.

I think it’s a bug, pls take note of this and fix it ASAP.



Our dev team started to work on this problem. Thanks!


Has this been fixed yet?


Yes, of course, it is supposed to be fixed already. Just give it a try!


Hi Sergey,

It doesn’t seem to work for me. I’m using Extensis Universal Type Client, which adds a shortcut in the Windows Fonts folder to the actual font file in an Extensis cache folder. This seems to be a similar behaviour to what Appu was mentioning. Fonts are picked up fine in MS Word etc, but not in Lunacy.

I’ve tried restarting but that hasn’t fixed it. Below is an example of what the fonts look like when they’ve been activated in Universal Type Client - unfortunately at our organisation there isn’t another way of installing fonts directly.



Heyo Cazzzac!
Which version of Lunacy are you using?


Hi Artem, I’m using 4.3.2


Hi again! Lunacy is not integrated with third-party font managers yet, sorry.

BTW Have you been on our request-feature-forum?

That will be awesome if you could make a request of that integration there!



Just added this in. Hopefully you can use the same approach to view fonts that use Extensis and other font managers.


Heyo Cazzzac! Thanks for your awesome idea! Ive voted for this.