[BUG] Lunacy's canvas spazzing out

As the title says, the canvas on the program spazzes out visually, making it pretty un-usable for me. I just found out about this program and i feel very bumped out that i have these kinds of issues just as i was learning more about the program.

Edit: After some further testing, i have found out that this problem happens everywhere besides the context menu on the top of the application.

I personally have no idea what causes this exact problem as all i do is open the program. If any hardware info is required, i will gladly share it should it solve the problem.

Thanks for reporting this issue! We will check it on our end. Can you specify your app version and tell me where you downloaded Lunacy from - Microsoft Store or directly from our website?

The version of lunacy is the latest (6.9). I have downloaded both Microsoft and website versions (including both 64x and 86x versions). From my testing, i have found out that the same behaviour existed in all 3 versions which makes me think that it might be an incompatability problem between my hardware and the program itself.

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this is exactly the same problem i have after subscribing. they said it’ll take a couple of hours to fix but it looks like you beat me to the punch on reporting it and it still isn’t fixed. that sucks

Yikers. The program itself is SO promesing to use, especially for my use-case as a game developer. So i am very hopefull that this will get fixed asap.

Hi guys!

It turned out to be a known issue that typically occurs on Windows 10 computers with Intel CPUs and some latest video cards.

Here’s an article from our Lunacy FAQ that can fix this: FAQ and Сontacts

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Cheers for the response. I will follow the layed out instructions and see if that fixes anything. Ill notify you if i find anything noteworthy.

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Hi guys,

We have just released a new version of Lunacy - 7.0.
Could you try it please and tell me if the issue persists there? Thank you :slight_smile: