[BUG] Missing shapes when importing

When I tried to open a sketch file in Lunacy, there were about 1/2 of the font outlined shapes and icon shapes missing. I’m not sure why some outlines/shapes made it and why other outlines/shapes didn’t. Any ideas? Anyone else experience this and know how to resolve? Happy to share the org sketch file if needed.

Yes please send us the file, this will be very helpful!

Sent and received a reply from Igor ~3 hours ago, thanks!

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It would be interesting to know what the response was. Since the upgrade to Sketch version 52.0, this has been an issue when viewing the files in Lunacy. I had to downgrade my Sketch back to version 51.3 so that my partners would be able to continue using Lunacy.

Still waiting for details… they said in an email that “We’ve got several similar requests and they are supposed to be fixed in the upcoming new release of Luncay.” They did not say when the upcoming release would be. :persevere:

please guys be patient. The release date is still uncertain. However it is expected to be released soon.