[BUG] Not Running Well at Ubuntu, especially Ubuntu Studio

i installed lunacy both at snapcraft and debian and both of them had same problem, the application didnt render/show anything, the app just show border
as new user of ubuntu, i really hope that lunacy can run flowlessly like at windows os.

Hey there,

Could you state your exact OS and Lunacy versions, please? It would also be great if you could send a screenshot or a screencast of the error along with Lunacy crash logs that could be related to this issue. You can find them at /home//snap/lunacy/current/.local/share/Icons8/Lunacy/Logs.

Same problem with Debian stable and nouveau driver

auncher Default > Launched on Linux X64 Standalone
22:02:11.154 Launcher Default > Launch args: /opt/icons8/lunacy/Lunacy.dll
22:02:11.163 Account Info > Authorizing toEU_Prod
22:02:11.620 Api Info > push: connecting to: https://lun-eu.icons8.com/push
22:02:11.835 Api Done > Authorized to EU_Prod
22:02:12.164 UpdateChecker Default > Remote version: 8.4.0
22:02:12.180 Api Done > push: connected
22:02:12.181 Api Info > push: sending connect info (appvariant, appversion)
22:02:12.437 Settings Error > Settings are not uploaded to cloud yet.
22:02:12.551 Tabs Info > Tabs Restore Started
22:02:12.555 Document Default > Opening file Tutorial.sketch
22:02:13.999 Default > Scale: 1, 1
22:02:14.137 UiKits Info > UIKit extraction started: Default.sketch
22:02:14.598 UiKits Done > UIKit extraction ended: Default.sketch
22:02:14.874 SystemFonts Done > System fonts cache loaded: 5434 font families
22:02:15.048 Tools Default > Activate tool: Select
22:05:45.948 ImageCache Done > IMG3 184x168 0,12MB pushed to GPU
22:05:45.957 ImageCache Done > IMG4 221x184 0,16MB pushed to GPU
22:05:45.965 ImageCache Done > IMG5 231x176 0,16MB pushed to GPU
22:05:45.971 ImageCache Done > IMG2 184x172 0,12MB pushed to GPU
22:05:45.972 ImageCache Done > IMG6 326x150 0,19MB pushed to GPU
22:05:45.974 ImageCache Done > IMG1 254x506 0,49MB pushed to GPU
22:05:45.975 ImageCache Done > IMG7 392x392 0,59MB pushed to GPU
22:05:45.985 ImageCache Done > IMG8 520x418 0,83MB pushed to GPU
22:05:45.988 ImageCache Done > IMG9 400x335 0,51MB pushed to GPU
22:05:45.990 ImageCache Done > IMG10 598x360 0,82MB pushed to GPU
22:05:45.993 ImageCache Done > IMG11 500x500 0,95MB pushed to GPU
22:05:45.996 ImageCache Done > IMG12 598x500 1,14MB pushed to GPU
22:05:45.997 ImageCache Done > IMG13 254x432 0,42MB pushed to GPU
22:05:46.004 ImageCache Done > IMG14 1080x1080 4,45MB pushed to GPU
22:05:46.005 ImageCache Done > IMG15 142x552 0,30MB pushed to GPU
22:05:46.006 ImageCache Done > IMG16 820x200 0,63MB pushed to GPU
22:05:46.010 ImageCache Done > IMG17 817x798 2,49MB pushed to GPU
22:05:46.011 ImageCache Done > IMG18 234x378 0,34MB pushed to GPU
22:05:46.013 ImageCache Done > IMG19 477x274 0,50MB pushed to GPU
22:05:46.015 ImageCache Done > IMG20 586x566 1,27MB pushed to GPU
22:05:46.016 ImageCache Done > IMG21 518x256 0,51MB pushed to GPU
22:05:46.020 ImageCache Done > IMG22 800x836 2,55MB pushed to GPU
22:05:46.022 ImageCache Done > IMG23 520x422 0,84MB pushed to GPU
22:05:46.026 ImageCache Done > IMG24 704x350 0,94MB pushed to GPU
22:05:46.030 ImageCache Done > IMG25 838x676 2,16MB pushed to GPU
22:05:46.032 ImageCache Done > IMG26 522x234 0,47MB pushed to GPU
22:05:46.035 ImageCache Done > IMG27 800x800 2,44MB pushed to GPU
22:05:46.035 ImageCache Done > IMG28 484x410 0,76MB pushed to GPU
22:05:46.036 ImageCache Done > IMG29 392x392 0,59MB pushed to GPU
22:05:46.037 ImageCache Done > IMG30 430x487 0,80MB pushed to GPU
22:05:46.038 ImageCache Done > IMG31 284x256 0,28MB pushed to GPU
22:05:46.039 ImageCache Done > IMG32 679x546 1,41MB pushed to GPU
22:05:46.043 ImageCache Done > IMG33 800x584 1,78MB pushed to GPU
22:05:46.047 ImageCache Done > IMG34 933x844 3,00MB pushed to GPU
22:05:46.051 ImageCache Done > IMG35 693x693 1,83MB pushed to GPU
22:05:46.054 ImageCache Done > IMG36 616x690 1,62MB pushed to GPU
22:05:46.057 ImageCache Done > IMG37 622x1032 2,45MB pushed to GPU
22:05:46.060 ImageCache Done > IMG38 944x958 3,45MB pushed to GPU
[Binding] Error in binding to ‘Lunacy.Controls.CheckableMenuItem’.‘Command’: ‘Could not find a matching property accessor for ‘AlignInspectorViewModel’ on ‘Lunacy.ViewModels.Inspectors.InspectorsPanelViewModel’’ (CheckableMenuItem #24845910)
[Binding] Error in binding to ‘Lunacy.Controls.CheckableMenuItem’.‘IsEnabled’: ‘Could not find a matching property accessor for ‘TransformInspectorViewModel’ on ‘Lunacy.ViewModels.Inspectors.InspectorsPanelViewModel’’ (CheckableMenuItem #22286602)
[Binding] Error in binding to ‘Lunacy.Controls.CheckableMenuItem’.‘IsEnabled’: ‘Could not find a matching property accessor for ‘TransformInspectorViewModel’ on ‘Lunacy.ViewModels.Inspectors.InspectorsPanelViewModel’’ (CheckableMenuItem #66361692)
22:05:47.379 Done > App exited

We’re currently working on this issue. No ETA yet, but we hope to fix it really soon!