[Bug] Problem editing text object found in a grouping hierarchy

  1. I created the following structure/hierarchy found in the bellow screenshot.
  2. I saved the file as .sketch, I closed the application and reopened the file.

Problem: After selecting the text object using Ctrl + mouse click, when I pressed double click on it for editing, the application is selecting the rectangle behind the text, instead of entering in edit text mode. The problem appears also when I open a .sketch file created with Sketch app (51.3), containing a similar structure.


This should be fixed in version 3.14

Thank you for your answer Sergey,

I just wait for this version.
You make an excellent job.
I wish you all the best.
I’ll continue to post bugs and suggestion to support your work.

Have a nice day,

Hi George, I have a more advised answer for your request. To proceed with text editing one needs to click on the selected object without pressing the CTRL. Please pay attention that it is normal behavior when double click with CTRL pressed does not let you to start text editing. Though there is known bug in v3.13 which is already fixed in v3.14 related to object selection: on a second click with CTRL pressed selection is moved to another object which is definitely not expected behaviour. Here is a short demo video on regard to the problem https://community.icons8.com/uploads/default/original/1X/aa2de3deabf2b71d324bf57fa869a389dd4e39c4.mp4