Bug report v5.5 Large PNG missing pixels

Hi there, since the few days I’ve started using lunacy, I’m totally loving it, mainly due to how performant it is. Yesterday I hit a little issue:

I imported a large PNG into lunacy. Here is the PNG file I used.

The text “On sale” and other details are missing (pixels missing) when imported into lunacy. This is not just an artiffact of my monitor, but is also visible when I export the image from lunacy.

Here’s the side by side comparison. On the left, I’ve opened the image in irfanview (and zoomed in) and on the right, it’s the image in lunacy

Here’s the lunacy sketch file:

Expected result
Image imported into lunacy will retain all the detail and no information from the image would be missing while viewing or on exporting.

Please let me know if you are able to reproduce the error, and do help me if you can

This might be related:

I can’t confirm as I can’t see the images in that post

Hi, thank you for sending us all the details!
We have checked the issue, and that is definitely a bug that happens when the image is too big.

We have already added the fix for that in our backlog, but for now you can use this workaround: cut the images that are bigger than 4096px into pieces and import them into the app one-by-one, this should help.