Exporting to PNG does bad rasterizing/antialiasing

Using V, I’m having simple file with some elements:



When exporting the selected elements as a PNG, the antialiasing looks sometimes very wrong/bold.

For example:


(above is a zoomed screenshot of the PNG image in Paint.NET)

As you can see, the bottom arrow has a rather nice left side and a horrible unusable right side.

In addition, less obvious, the top arror has a not-so-nice, too dark, right side of opaque pixels, compared to the left side of the top arrow.

Expected results

My wish is that the anti-aliasing, when exporting, is always correct, no matter where the exported elements are located, relative to each other.

More information

In case it helps, here is an example Lunacy file that I used in the above steps (remove the .ZIP extension after download).