[BUG] SOLVED Unexpected error / 100% memory usage

EDIT: I just did a simple restart and problem seems to gone. :grinning:

Downloaded Apple iOS 13 Sketch, and when i try to copy any apple screen artboard objects from the “UIElements+DesignTemplates+Guides” its throws:
Unexpected error: Expection has been throw by the target of an invocation. And the object doesnt copy.
@ Windows 10 x64

When tried to do the same on @ it freezes the screen and cpu usage increases to 100%, then windows asks to close the process.

I am able to copy others objects tought, the errors occurs when its copied any apple screen artboards like Ipad and Iphone.

  • I have all apple fonts installed.

Hi Pedro! We are glad to hear that everything is working well now :slight_smile: But if it happens again, can you please check if the issue keeps happening in the latest release of Lunacy Alfa: Lunacy - Ready To Use <<< Flip for all kinds of objects!

If it does, send us please some fragment of the project to Marina_m@icons8.com it will help us to understand the problem a lot. Thank you!