[BUG] Space or tab will be miss when text is full line

hello , here i met a bug.

space or tab will be miss when text is full line.

i want to add some space or tab in front of paragraph, but if the line is full, it will add a new line at the head ,no space or tab

snapshot just like this:

Hi, please note that entered spaces are not disappear anywhere, the text is actually moved on. The space represents be itself a text separator, this is why it stays on the first row. If you would increase the size of text block to the same size as the size of entered symbols, you would see that entered spaces appear at the beginning of the row. Here is a short video that demonstrates this idea: https://community.icons8.com/uploads/default/original/1X/af55a8f745d4e2b292b35d452a15e31515e56c64.mp4