[BUG] Text size and object dimension auto complete

Is it possible to fix the current auto complete logic that is being used for text size and object dimension right now? It would be great if auto complete only kicked in if I hit tab or something. Right now, all its really doing is screwing up what I type.

For example:

  1. The current text size is 24
  2. I select the text size and delete
  3. I want to type 32
  4. Just as I finish pressing the key “3”, autocomplete adds a 6 to the end
  5. By the time I finish pressing “2”, I now have “326” as the text size

This is just incredibly frustrating.

Hello Alan, what version of Lunacy do you use?

I am currently using Lunacy version 4.8.2.

The issue has been fixed.

Great, thank you for letting us know!