【Bug?】Text tool cannot input chinese

Lunacy Version:
Os: Win7 64
IME: Sogou IME


Hello! Sorry to hear about the issue. Could you please let me know the font name used in the text block?

Microsoft YaHei(微软雅黑),simhei(黑体),PingFang SC(苹方字体),etc…

And what about the standard MS Windows input? Is it working properly?

The standard MS Windows input works well.

We may research the features of the app that you are currently using. Potentially, we may start supporting it in the future. If possible send us the distributive of the app preferably with English interface ;o)

Hello, when can I input in chinese or which version can I input

Hi! Here is the video that shows how to change the language. I hope this will help!

Sorry, maybe I made a mistake. I want to input Chinese in the text, not switch Chinese。

hello,I found that I can copy and paste Chinese in the text, but I can’t directly edit the text with Chinese. I ask for help to add the function of editing Chinese,please,please:心眼:心眼:心眼:

Hi Marcus and sorry for the late reply.
Do you still experience this issue? And if so, can you describe how exactly you’d like to edit the text and what results you get?
Thank you!

hi J,Thank you very much for your reply。
Because I am used to Chinese , but now I can only copy and paste Chinese. I want to input Chinese directly through input method.If possible, I hope the software can support Chinese editing text.

Marcus, can you please describe what happens when you try to input a text in Chinese?
Lunacy actually does support Chinese language (input and editing option), so we would like to check what the issue could be.
Here is the video of us typing in Chinese in Lunacy, using standard Windows input option: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lgLLiJ1RNJXg8CXb_ZjWMGWJ49snMnx0/view?usp=sharing

I’ve tried multiple input methods. When I edit text, I use the space bar to select, and the content disappears.Or which input method should I use.


Please, tell us the name(s) of the IME you use. It seems like Lunacy doesn’t support this soft and we would like to check it on our end.
Thank you!

Lunacy Version: 4.8.1
Os: Win10 Insider Preview 64

IME: Sogou IME,microsoft IME and so on

I can only copy and paste Chinese

Thank you for the additional information!
It helped us to find some unusual app behavior. Can you try and check if Chinese works right for Lunacy 4.1: https://docs.icons8.com/release-notes/#41, please?
This will help us to understand where the issue comes from.

hi,Sorry, I still can’t input Chinese

Does your computer have a touch screen/an option to input the text through it?

We found out that the problem is currently observed in versions of Windows Insider Preview (FastRing and SlowRing)