BUG v5.7: Duplicate Ctrl + D isn't working


I can’t seem to get Duplicate Ctrl + D working as per the guide


Can you describe what happens if you use the Ctrl+D combination?
Please, make sure that the language of the input is english at that moment, if you use a multi-language keyboard.


Nothing happens when i pres Ctrl+D that’s the problem.

I can hold Alt and drag an object to duplicate it but Ctrl+D doesn’t do anything for me …

I only use 1 ENG keyboard layout no other languages on this machine.


Can you tell us what exactly you are trying to duplicate and which version of Lunacy you use?


Hey Julia,

I worked out what the problem was when i was trying to do video capture of the screen for you.

The TinyTake software’s ‘stop video recording’ hot key was Ctrl+D which was taking over the action for that key combo from Lunacy.

All sorted now!!

Thanks again for your support.


One bug that i have noticed however is that Ctrl+D doesn’t seem to remember is the offset/spacing from the original duplication and the direction (it only ever repeats to the right), see my video below:

I am currently running v5.7 of Lunacy.


After some time playing with the duplication i worked out that after you do your FIRST duplication via Alt+Drag then you need to click on that object. Then you can click on it again and CTRL+D to repeat the positioning.


Yes, it’s an expected behavior, you can read up on that in our docs here: https://docs.icons8.com/objects/#duplicating-objects

There is already a suggestion on giving the Ctrl+D an ability to repeat the last actions on our Request Feature page: https://lunatics.icons8.com/posts/448/ctrl-d-to-repeat-last-action-like-in-adobe-illustrator, you can vote for it if you’d like to see the changes on that matter.
Thank you!


Thanks Julia, yes that feature request is from me (Michael) :slight_smile: