[BUG] Various bugs

Hello, I think the development of Lunacy is great! The app is running really well and I hope it gets even better. I collected some bugs - all from version 4.4.1 and also still available in 4.5. [Win10, enough RAM/CPU/SSD]

  • If you place an image on an artboard and switch to the “Code Panel” and then try to change the image (move, resize, etc.), the app will slow down a lot and can even crash. → Reason: The SVG code contains a huge amount of data describing the image. I don’t think the app is able to calculate it live. Suggestion: For images and elements with a lot of “data” minimize the SVG tab and don’t update the code if you change the element (just collapsing is not enough)! Or even remove the SVG tab for non vector elements?

  • Some keyboard shortcuts don’t work e.g. Search / or Ctrl /. Reason: possibly other keyboard layout (german) than English? Suggestion: Create settings menu and let the user create keyboard shortcuts himself like with many other apps.

  • Libraries: if I select a theme in the e.g. images library and then want to scroll through the images with the scrollbar, it disappears. So if I move the mouse towards the scrollbar (I can still see it here) and then move the mouse directly over the scrollbar, it just disappears and I can’t drag it anymore. This does not always happen but mostly.

  • Group: Currently a single object as well as a group of existing objects can be grouped several times in a row. A new group is always created in the Object Panel. I don’t know if this is wanted or not. With other apps the grouping function is deactivated if only one object or only one group is selected.

Thank you very much for your hard work!

Thank you for all your great comments. We’ve thoroughly tested all of the suspects :slightly_smiling_face:. Here is a short report:

  1. This is truly a bug. We’ll surely fix it in the upcoming releases.
  2. This potentially could impose an issue. However, you may easily bypass it just by entering the text you need inside a block.
  3. This description is a bit vague. Please rephrase it so we could better assist you.
  4. It does work as expected. This is wanted behavior :slightly_smiling_face:.

Thank you very much for your feedback. Here is a detailed description to point 3. I made screenshots: (1) In some library you can see the scrollbar on the side. (2) If you move the mouse over the scrollbar to use it, it disappears and you can only scroll with the mouse wheel. (3) In rare cases (and I can’t say when) the scrollbar appears reliable and you can use it normally.
(See the great screenshots I took and manually copied the mouse cursor into, as it was not included by the screenshot tool :sweat_smile:)

That’s right. There is a bug. Thousand of thanks to you from all our team. We’ll surely fix it in the upcoming releases.