[BUG] Weird stretching issue when scrolling!


After opening an existing project with lunacy, whenever i scroll a bit the whole project window gets stretched and again comes back to normal when i stop scrolling … Its impossible to work like this because a little scrolling makes the whole image look stretched.

I have tried uninstalling/installing lunacy, updating my windows 10 drivers but the issue persists and i am unable to work because of this weird behaviour.

I have pasted two links of “scroll” behaviour and “no scroll” behaviour.

On Scrolling (Gets stretched and blurred):
Proof: https://imgur.com/a/kZ5slva

On not Scrolling (Gets back to normal)
Proof: https://imgur.com/a/2ay1LPG

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Does this happen only with this particular project? When did this bug first appear?


Bug appeared since the day i i bought my new laptop with windows 10 home 64 bit preinstalled. This problem according to many forums is due to nvidia graphics card Maxq.

It seems when you install and enable rivatuner, the stretching no longer happens. Weird solution but works. Lunacy team must look into this problem asap.

Note: Before installing rivatuner, i have tried with updating all my drivers like graphics, audio , directx etc … Nothing worked. Rivatuner saved my life :smiley:


I’ve noticed same problems with my new laptop with nvida GPU. In my case the canvas constantly stretch and get back to normal even when I move the mouse above UI.

Sometimes the menu labels and window control disappears when I move the cursor above them.


Could you please explain more about the Rivatuner? There are some specific settings or installing it is enough?

No clue how to describe this bug, just watch the video

Just install rivatuner and keep it running in status tray on bottom right. Make sure its started during windows startup too (You can configure it within rivatuner itself).

Now i am looking for a solution to make it work without running rivatuner all the time :slight_smile:


Is this happening with all projects or only this specific project?


All projects!


For me the problem occurs even with new empty projects


这个BUG困扰了我很久,经过长时间的寻找,发现主要问题出现在win10 2004版本 ASUS的主板上的声卡驱动上,armoury crate与realtek驱动上。现在的解决办法是
将Nahimic service服务停止,并设置会手动,这个服务一启动就会影响整个系统的应用开启缓慢与lunacy画面拉伸的问题。Snipaste_2020-09-09_22-27-45

No clue how to describe this bug, just watch the video

Holy s**t,
I really can’t believe that a sound related service could cause such graphic artifacts, but I tried it and it solved my problem with Lunacy. Just stop the service and restarted lunacy, and now the stretch issue is gone.
Thank you, you are the real MVP.


This worked for me too. Thank you :slight_smile:


I’ve been running into the same issue and also have Nahimic installed. The older versions of Lunacy did not have this bug/conflict, but the last couple versions have.


Hi, are you experiencing this issue in the new 6.3 version too?


Yes. I was hoping it would be resolved in 6.3, but it is still happening.