Build a Prototype using the Lunacy exported files


which tool can be used to build a prototype with the Lunacy exporte files?

Many Thanks


Hello FraDem,

Lunacy does contain some basic prototyping options itself, so you can try and build it without the need to export the files. It doesn’t have a demonstration mode yet, though.

If you need any more complex options, you can try Invision, Marvel or Zeplin tools.
There also will be an option of adding files from Lunacy straight into the mentioned apps soon.


I also vote for any hand-off tool you like: InVision, Marvel, etc. Since Lunacy exports .sketch, you should have no problem with that.


Hi Giulia and thanks for your response. Can you tell me how I can find this “basic prototyping options” in lunacy and how it works?
Is there any tutorial to see for this feature?


FraDem, for now, functionality of prototyping in Lunacy is very limited, so the actions you can perform with this feature are adding/changing/deleting hotspots and links.

We do plan to make a tutorial on using prototyping in Lunacy as soon as we fully get it to work. Until then, you can read up the Sketch documentation on this feature, as all the functions of prototyping we have now work just like the Sketch’s ones: