Can not login in Lunacy


I’ve been using Lunacy for a while in our current uni project and I do like it a lot. However, today I was supposed to share a prototype with my team but I can’t log in on my account.

First I tried GitHub account, but it just kept throwing me on Lunacy documentation page. Then I did create this account with my actual email, but it gives me error 502: Bad Gateway as shown in the picture below.

I also did try to delete and reinstall Lunacy and I do have the Win64 version downloaded directly from the Lunacy website.


Have you tried resetting your password?

Thank you!

I tried to resetting my password, went to another browser to make sure I didn’t mistype anything and turns out while I did have an account here, I actually needed to make an account on the Icons8 front page and now it works with GitHub too ^^

No problem, I’m glad that it helped :+1: