Can not validate credit card - captcha is not shown. Errors in dev console

Dear Icons8 Team,

after i enter my credit card information in the billing page, there is a popup that says “Just one more step, then you are done. Please mark the checkbox below”.

But there is no checkbox / captcha whatsoever. I tried with Edge, Firefox, and Chrome, disabled all privacy features, but no luck.

The web console, here shown in Edge, shows the following errors: (Chrome etc. has the same errors):


You are trying to change your linked card to a new one in the user profile, correct?

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Yes, exactly :) My team got a new one.

Is the issue still there? Does the site redirect you to a page hosted by Stripe, or does the captcha popup appear in the Billing tab?

If you are using any VPNs or Ad-blockers, disabling those may help.

It was a site hosted by stripe. But now it is working! I disabled our VPN, but i am not sure if this had anything to do with it, since on my second pc without VPN it showed me the error too.

Thank you for your help! Have a sunny weekend :slight_smile: