Can someone help me

Why can’t I save my work to a PNG or SVG file to my computer? It shows it can be exported in these files but does not allow me to do so. What good is the design if I can’t save my work in a transferable format?

Could you specify how Lunacy doesn’t allow you to save your projects in PNG or SVG? A screenshot or a screencast of the error will be greatly appreciated :raised_hands:

When saving the image, .SKETCH is added after the file extension like PNG or JPG, which makes the file unusable outside of Lunacy. Copying and pasting the image into another editor causes significant loss of image quality, it becomes blurry. How can we save files in Lunacy without the .SKETCH extension?

Please, use ‘Export’ section of the ‘Inspector’ panel on the right to switch formats and export your projects – this should solve your issue:


Thank you! That worked great but only with SVG. PNG saved very blurry.

PNG is a raster format, so if your image is small the export might be blurry. If you want your images to look sharp I would recommend saving them in SVG.

Alternatively, use the 2x / 3x versions to make it more sharp @shannon03267