Cancel Subscription

Hi, I’d like to cancel/delete my FREE subscription. There is no place on the site to do that.
Since I didn’t pay anything yet, there is no PayPal or other payment method to cancel.

Would you please help me?


Hi Dennis,

There’s no way do cancel or delete a free subscription, as our subscriptions are paid :slight_smile:
You can only remove your account using this button in your account summary:

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Hi Eugenia,
Thanks for writing. I’d like to remove my account but I can’t seem to get to the account summary. When I click on the link you provided, I am sent to a login page which will not recognize my username or password or both. Is it possible to have a link directly to a live version of the dialog box you show in your response? I’ve also tried several drop downs and links when I am signed in and end up somewhere else or disconnected.

Thanks for your help.

Hi Dennis!
Please try to reset your password using Forgot password field when you log in:
You will get a recovery link on your account email and will be able to log in. If that doesn’t work, you can you send us an email tied to your account at and we will help you further.