Cannot play offline prototype


For my current client, I am working on a strictly offline platform (i.e., no connection to the internet at any time). Due to this, I had to work with version 6.9 for a while until a font issue was resolved in version 8.6.2. In version 6.9, I was able to run a prototype (even start it from the “Local” folder in my user profile. Unfortunately, in 8.6.2, this is not the case anymore. Here is what happens:

  1. I press the play button and wait for a bit.
  2. A notification appears with “Something went wrong” and the text “A Task’s exception were not ob”. The rest of the text is cut off and cannot be selected.
  3. When I navigate to the prototyping folder, only the files:
  • index.html
  • script.js
  • style.css
    Are available. There should be at least one other html file (one for each artboard, if I am correct).

Now, since my system is not connected to the internet, I unfortunately cannot send you the error report. That functionality also throws an error.

Steps already taken:

  1. Trying files that were known to work in vs 6.9
  2. Created a completely new file in 8.6.2.
  3. Complete uninstall, then reinstall of Lunacy

None of these resolved the issue. My system is running:

  • Windows 10 Enterprise
  • With version 10.0.18363 Build 18363

Greetings, DJ

Hi, DJ

Most of the time, prototype playback option works fine.
As you don’t have a way to share any logs and files with us, we are not able to do much, unfortunately. We couldn’t reproduce the issue either.


I understand that this is a tricky one. Hoped it would sort itself out with the new version. But alas. Meanwhile I was able to get the files DeviceInfo.txt and ErrorInfo.txt (with some information anonimised. Is there somewhere I can send the files to? Though I understand it is most likely not possible to replicate.

Regards, DJ


You can send them in direct messages here (click on my name and choose Message)