Cannot view the page on browser!

Hi there! It’s Talha and I want to report that I am facing an issue with viewing the preview on the browser. When I click the play button on the top right it opens chrome and when I log in, what I see is just a blank page. I tried refreshing but to no hope. One other thing! the preview works when we create a fresh document with a blank artboard and when do work on the artboard the preview stops working if it is working then when we close the lunacy and opens it again same problem occurs.

Could you please state your OS, Lunacy and Chrome versions?

I am using windows 10 latest version and my chrome version is Version 108.0.5359.125 (Official Build) (64-bit)


The page is completely blank? No share button, nothing, correct?

It is like this.

Same for me

Hey @talhafiaz @Qist

Could you please try out a beta build and check whether the issue is fixed there?




It kinda works for me in Ungoogled Chromium v90, but the play button seems configured to open HTML with whatever is set for default HTML editor/reader on the system (might not be desirable? e.g. I’d prefer to use Notepad++ as my HTML editor, but only ever preview in the browser)

For me, because I have IE11 enabled as per Windows default, it opens C:\Users\Darren\AppData\Local\Icons8\Lunacy\Prototyping\c7e75205-0815-4f7d-8249-e0d930bbde99\index.html in IE11 automatically (though I can copy the address and open in Chromium/Firefox)

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