Can't copy icon


Hi everyone,
I upgraded to the latest Icons8 Monosnap%202020-02-05%2011-29-25 and the Edit -> Copy option is now permanently disabled.

I’ve tried unregistering and re-inputing my valid license information. I’ve also tried changing the destination type (PNG256, SVG) to no effect.

Any guidance for how I can access the icons? Thanks!


Hello Matt,

If I understand the issue correctly, you are not able to copy the icons from the desktop app for Windows. Have you tried using a “drag and drop” option for that?


Thanks for the reply @elenalo161. I’m using the OSX desktop app and I can drag and drop icons successfully.

I am trying to use the PNGs in Google Slides and copy/paste is a bit easier :slight_smile:


Thank you for the details! It is a temporary bug. Please, try to copy the icons using right click > copy.