Can't create offline document

Lunacy version: 9.3.1
OS version: KDE Neon

Hello, i have installed the latest version of lunacy, and now any new document are Cloud document (cf 1st capture), and i have passed my 10-document limit, so, i cannot create any new document.
And most important, i cannot use lunacy anymore because i can’t use cloud for my work.
I have disabled Export to Cloud in settings, but this change nothing.


Okay, i have to right-click the (+) icon to set local document as default … bad UX i think.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the UX of switching from cloud to local storage. You can also choose the default storage method in the ‘File’ dropdown:

Plus, it’s possible to choose whether you want to create a new file on cloud or locally from the same ‘File’ dropdown or on a home page:

This being said, I’ve passed on your concern to our team, and we’ll see if we can come up with something to make this more obvious :raised_hands:

BTW if you have any ideas on how to make this feature better, let me know!

Hi alex, sorry for the delay !
Thank you for your help, this feature is not obvious to find but it’s working ;)