Chinese characters support


I cannot create a text Object with chinees characters.

Please fix it,please.

Thank you!


How about now? We’ve added the support, but as we don’t speak Chinese, we’d like to know your impressions if you can live with that.


For version 3.13.0, if I change a textField’s font to Simsun or Microsoft Yahei(these fonts support Simplified Chinese), it will show normally, but for the detail of an artboard, the Chinese won’t show normally, I think maybe the font “Segoe UI” don’t support Chinese well


Which font is standard for the Windows interface in China?


For Windows 10 in China, the default font is Microsoft Yahei(MSYH in short or 微软雅黑 in Chinese),we also use SimSun(宋体) and SimHei(黑体) in normal text editing


We had a looong meeting trying this and that.

Artboard Names

The easy fix for the artboard name gonna be:

  • If an artboard name contains the symbols from the Chinese Unicode section, print it with Yahei (as you said)
  • For Korean Unicode section, MS Gothic

Detecting Japanese isn’t that easy. Correct me, but afaik same symbols could mean either Kanji or Chinese. On the positive side, Hiragana and Katakana look fine with Yahei.

Text Tool

In the upcoming releases, we will switch the font while typing. Once you start typing and use a Chinese character, we switch to either Yahei or Noto CJK (the latter is the Google Font so people could use it on Mac).

How does it sound?


That would be a nice solution, and i hope Lunacy will become better and better~


Artboard names are ready


Full support of Chinese, Korean and Japan hieroglyphs is implemented in V3.14. In that version you’ll be able to use these languages while entering text in text blocks, giving names to objects and document pages. Please note, that while entering texts in text blocks, the selected font should support the language of your choice. Otherwise you’ll observe just squared symbols instead of the desired text. The usage of this functionality is demonstrated on the video:


Chinese characters are still not supported
please fix the bug8f7de3e58cc1f7a72c4dbdbfd39b437


Hi guys, here is a more detailed video on the advances of multi language support including Chinese:


I don’t see which font do you have selected. Does it support Chinese?