Cloud document disappeared after update to 8.5

Hi, the cloud document I was working on disappeared, and I didn’t capture the link. However, I do have the identifier from the log files: [REDACTED] as well as the link: [REDACTED]. Please help me recover this.

For reference, this occurred after I updated the app to 8.5 through the MS Store. It seems that the app is trying to connect to dev servers now (CN_Dev, EU_Dev, US_Dev) instead of the prod server it used to connect to (EU_Prod), which I’m guessing is the reason.


@spren @Angius

Thank you for reporting this, I will notify our devs right away.

By document disappearing, you mean it doesn’t open when you use the link or it is gone from Lunacy as well?

Both - it’s completely disappeared. On opening after the initial update, it appeared in the list but could not be opened (it errored in the right sidebar every time with ‘this document cannot be found’ or something like that).

The issue has been pinpointed and will be fixed soon.

We now will look into the particular file you’ve sent us and see what we can do.

Thanks for the quick response.

Sure, I’ve removed the file.
Sorry, should’ve sent it in Private Messages.

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I see the issue hasn’t been resolved yet? That’s a bummer, because I need my files tomorrow. Can you, dunno, email them to me or something…?

I guess this incidents serves as a lesson, though: purchase a OneDrive subscription and keep your files there, instead of using Lunacy’s cloud features.

Hi, what method did you use to log in to Lunacy all this time before the problem? Through Google?

Also could you please PM me the email address for an account you used in Lunacy and the name of the files that you need if you remember them

I… honestly don’t remember. Either Google or Github, probably the former. I’ll PM you what I remember of the file names, sure, and the email.

To anyone else experiencing this problem:

  1. This issue was localized to MS Store version and we’ve fixed it in 8.5.1. Please update Lunacy to the latest version and you will be able to access your files.
  2. Or you can also download a standalone version here (under the direct download option)

We appreciate your understanding!