Collaboration with other users?


First of all let me start by saying I LOVE Lunacy. A good native Windows app is getting harder to see these days, but Lunacy does just that and its amazing. Not to mention the fact that its free, which helps students like me.

With that said, there is one feature I am confused about. Is there any way to have two editors working on a file at the same time (Just like Figma) or is there not?

If the latter are there any plans to add it and/or is there any third party app/website that I can use for this purpose which has a free tier (Alas, Being a student dosent leave me with a lot of money and thus options)

Either way, thanks once again to all the team behind Lunacy. You people are doing an awesome job (I know developers dont get to hear it that much but you guys deserve it). Keep it up!


Hello, thank you for your kind words! We don’t have this feature as of right now but you are welcome to suggest it here