Collection Improvements


I have looked at Collections, and the idea is good, however the way I see the collection is a way of making tags to an icon so I can go back to them. The issue is once it is in the collection, I don’t seem to have the option to “load” the icon into the interface to edit, get sizes etc, it is static in the collection and the only option is to delete it. A “view” option to be able to load it into the main interface is a must.

Another awesome option would be allowing us to Name the icon in the collection, ie, what you call “Shop” icon might be a “Dealer” or some other object in a use case, so being able to put our name on the icon in the collection would allow when downloading the collection to already have our use case names on the icon. Currently I generate a spreadsheet with the Icon8 name of the Icon and the real use name of the Icon, then made an app that goes through and renames the Icon8 icons to my real names. If we could have that within the collection system that would be fantastic.


Hello, thank you for your cooperation! Please do us a favour, visit “Request a feature” page here: and enter your suggestions there so that our community could evaluate them!


Sergey, I think this issue is for our icons, not Lunacy.

Indeed, once in a collection, you can’t access an icon as a single one. Not easy task, neither in our new interface; will think.

Renaming the icons; got it.


Editing the icons from a collection — I’ve filed in our JIRA:


I also wanted to relayout the collections like this, with download and other actions in the collection toolbar


Making it this way, we can show the icon titles; clicking a title will rename it (pretty much like in Finder and Windows Explorer).


Yeah my bad, I tagged as Lunacy, I meant Icons.

Personally, I think treating Collections as a group and displaying just like a style would be the way to go instead of it being a bar at the bottom. Then just have a “Download” on the top of the Collection to still have the previous functionality, but still gives us the interface if we were just browsing a Style.


yes you are right Ivan! Also have a suggestion here. Why not to offer visitors and clients a feature request page for our icons apps just like the one we have for the Lunacy. For now I’ve got a few feature/improvement requests related to the icons app. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to show it off to our community and let people to vote. This way we’d better could estimate the actual value of those requests.


Collection as a style — that’s something to think about.

I always thought about collections as another pane, as something Norton Commander style:

This allows dragging the icons from one pane (main app) to another (collection).

Maybe it’s not worth it though. Maybe the Finder or Windows Explorer is fine and people can do most of the tasks in a single pane.

Or maybe we should support both.


Again maybe it is just the way that I use Icons8 and not what others do. But you have the Categories like iOS etc. You have Styles like Outline Filled. These are “grouped” icons that I assume are shown based on a “tag”.

The way I envision a Favorite is actually just “tagging” the Icon to something, like Application1, Application2.

So as I mentioned before I end up with a collection of icons which I have tagged to a purpose (ie, for Application1). Now when I go into that Collection I want to be able to get one of the assets out of it, maybe with an overlay or recolored etc for a different state within the application. Ideally I should be able to pull up the icon do my changes and download it. Ideally with a name of my choosing.

As an example in my app I used the Increase icon as my Reporting icon. So at the moment I have a spreadsheet which has my name “Reports” and then another column which has “Increase Filled” in it. I go to Icons8 I search for Increase Filled, I do what I need and then download it, it downloads a file called icons8-increase-filled.svg, then I rename the file to reports.svg. Initially I wrote an application that would iterate my spreadsheet and batch rename the icons downloaded but overall managing the correlation of what I am using in my application and what Icons8 calls it is a pita.

As I mentioned if we could pull up the Increase Filled icon and tag it to collection “Application1” and name it “Reports”, then we can just pull up the “Application1” collection and it will show everything tagged for that with out names instead of Icon8.

Then for example I go to do a different application or website I could create a new collection Application2 and maybe I use the Increase Filled icon as a Dashboard button, so again it is tagged to Application2 and named “Dashboard” so the same icon is now in 2 collections with different names.

Hope this makes sense. I hate web development (I am a winforms man so I give massive kudos for the design interface etc as the site works great), if it is easy enough I would like to see a workflow whereby you just drag it to my collection, and then a popup comes up asking for the name with the Textbox prefilled with Icons8 name to start with, so someone can just hit enter and keep going or they can customise the name.

Just my 2 cents :smiley:


Oh, thanks. Will read carefully.


Dude, it took me a while postponing this reading, but here we go.

So, we have to rename the icons in the collection, and this renaming must be collection-specific? That’s a cool feature; this way you don’t have to batch-rename the icons each time you download them.

We’re rewriting our whole backend (from PHP started in 2012 to Node.js). After that, we can write new methods, including this one. Also, we’ll be able to install a Fider for better handling of the features; I still want few votes for this feature before we start it.

Saying that I don’t mean rejecting the feature. The redesign of the collections is on the horizon (but not sooner). Here are our Epics:

Shared collections is something we planned long time ago. Working on that, we can add all smaller collection features.



Hi @Ivan8,

appreciate you taking the time to review my feedback, understand you guys would have a backlog of things you are trying to process. The good thing is the current interface isn’t unusable, just requires a little creative workarounds to fit within my workflows.

It is always fun doing a rewrite from one codebase to another, I have a winforms app that I maintain which started in 2008, as you can imagine, going from .NET 2 to .NET 4 along with the various changes to Windows over the years makes for a great bunch of spaghetti to deal with :stuck_out_tongue:

Have a good one.