Color changing in export PNG, PDF, and SVG

When I export using Pichon on the Mac Apple Silicon the color is slightly changed in all icons that are recolored. I see the color to #252422 the color is consistently changed to #30302C This applies to all colorings. I have inspected all format types. I can also see that within Pichon itself that the color is not being applied correctly to the rendering of the icons. It too is also showing a color of #30302C.

At the moment I am forced to download recoloured icons via the web interface which still works.

What versions of Pichon and OS do you use?

Version (10)


Also the same problem on my Mac mini…with the same operating system version.

This issue is fixed in the upcoming update :raised_hands:

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The latest update, 1.0.9, does not seem to have fixed this. Is that expected?

May I ask you to send me a screencast of this issue? It will really help us to see how exactly the color is not applied correctly.