Commercial use of icons


There is any license that let us to include icons in software that would be solved?

I’m talking about WordPress theme like Publisher WordPress theme.


Hello! Yes, the regular license would allow you to accomplish this. However, there should be no purposed way to extract the icons from your app or any visual content created with the use of your app. You should also notify your end-users that it is illegal to extract icons from your designs and use the icons in any way. This is the main point. It is prohibited to resell or redistribute our icons as files. However, indeed it is permitted to resell and redistribute visual content and apps created with the use of our icons. No further licenses from us would be needed for end-users of your products.


But many themes are using your icons! They have your right?


check all here:


Hi! Yes, we are aware that our icons are used in some themes. Thank you for the links, we’ll check it :slight_smile: