Connection error, no icons appears, design preview problem in Ubuntu 23.10 (Snap app)

Lunacy 9.2.1 (Snap Version)
Ubuntu 23.10

I really like Lunacy. this could be the best figma replacement. but I can’t do much with this application. I hope this application can be even better. thank you guys for making lunacy. here are the bugs I experienced:

Always connection error in lunacy.

No icons appears

Cannot preview the design in the browser

Log file
2023.12.06_00.49.27.log (46.7 KB)

Those issues usually appear when there’s internet connection or VPN issues. Please check if everything is working fine on your end :raised_hands:

I believe I have the same issue. I suddenly cannot access my cloud files or even my user profile. It was working fine last time I used it one or two days ago.

It affects at least one other person on my team as well. I’m on Windows 10, while my colleague is on Windows 11. We’re both using the Lunacy app installed from the Windows app store.

And it shouldn’t be a connection issue. All my other apps can connect just fine, and I checked my firewall as well. Lunacy connections are going through. I just hope our files are still safe.

The issue on our end has been resolved. There was no update to the lunacy app (still 9.2.1) nor any configuration change or windows restart, so it was most likely an issue with the cloud servers. Our cloud files are also safe and sound.

My internet is normal and I don’t use VPN

this new log. there is a message ‘server offline’

2023.12.17_14.38.10.log (20.9 KB)

Thank you for the log file! We’ll look into it.

Regarding the issue with previewing the design in your browser, this could be related to the Linux environment. For example, if you try to access a file inside a directory that does not have execute permissions for the user. Also, it can happen if the user doesn’t have read permissions on the file. Could you please check it?

Hi elena :wave:

after I double checked. the problem with previewing the design in my browser was caused by limiting access rights by Ubuntu for security reasons. so to open it in a web browser, I have to move the preview folder from the snap folder to the home folder.

and for connection error problems. it was very surprising that suddenly the problem just disappeared. I’m currently using Lunacy 9.3.3 snap version.

thank you very much lunacy team i love you

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Thanks for getting back to us! I’m happy to hear that the issues got solved.
We are always here to help if anything else comes up! :green_heart: