Constraints not obeyed when opening an

Lunacy version: 8.7.2 → 9.0
OS version: Windows 10

The constraints (position, fixed width/height) for some shapes (for example ovals and rectangles) are not preserved when I open an 8.7.2 file in 9.0 when the shapes or the artboard has been resized. I can send and example file upon request.

The only way they are preserved is to flatten the standard shapes and turn them into a vector. Which is rather cumbersome, as I have a large file as a library.

Regards, DJ

Yes, please do send a file. You can do that via private messages.

Is there an update on this one yet?

This bug is in our backlog currently, but I can’t give you an ETA right now.

It has been quite a while now. Will this ever be remedied, or do I have to redo about 30 files to correct this?

Thank you for your patience! The issue will be fixed in Lunacy 9.4
Lunacy 9.3 will be released within a month.

Hello, has the fix for this been postponed to a later version? I just checked in version 9.4.1 but it is still happening.

Regards, DJ

Hi! Please send us one of your files for a quick test. You may reach us at :love_letter:

Same file as I sent previously. But I will send it again. The problem mainly seems to occur when elements are grouped.
version 9.0 of example file.sketch (17.6 KB)

Thanks for the file and your patience!

In Lunacy 9.0, constraints work independently of groups, aligning with Figma’s functionality. To ensure object constraints are preserved, simply ungroup the elements affected. This allows their constraints to interact properly with the frame.

We didn’t mean to cause any trouble with this change. Instead, it was intended to make import from Figma easier.

Simply ungroup the elements affected basically means I will end up with a huge amount of ungrouped elements. It might make import from figma easier, but this basically means about 30 files including my template file will all have to be overhauled. Pity, first time I am disappointed in Lunacy.

We are sorry to dissapoint you! :confused:

For the past half a year we have been trying to make imports from Figma easier and also not break older stuff at the same time, but it was a lot harder than we expected.

In Lunacy 9.5 we will introduce a so-called Free Format, which is aimed to solve this kind of problems, but most likely it won’t fix your particular issue completely. We will take a look at your case one more time and try to find a workaround.