Converting a photo to an avatar

I’m trying to convert my photo to an avatar, but I can’t even find the right page or window in Lunacy to use. Can someone direct me to the right window and how to get there, step-by-step, because I’m not finding this very easy to use. Thanks.

Could you please clarify where you want to use the avatar afterwards? If you want to use your photo inside a project alongside the avatars automatically generated by Lunacy, then there’s no such feature. You will have to edit the photo manually first (crop it and put it inside a circle).

Thanks for getting back to me, Georg. What I’d like to do, is simply convert one photo to one avatar. I don’t know what page to go to, to do this. I don’t want to use my photo plus the avatar in a project – I want to use the avatar by itself in a logo. The photo is small – just a headshot – and I don’t know how I can fit it inside a circle.

Got it!

You can do it by creating a circle on a canvas then adding an image fill to it. The necessary steps can be seen on the screenshot below:

The result will look like this, for example: