Desktop application - general advise needed


Hi, I’m developing a Windows desktop application and find this site as a great icon resource. I’m a total newbie on this and would need a very basic guidance about the icon selection etc.

My application would use few simple toolbars with flat icons, similar to the editing ones shown on this page where I’m writing this post (quote, bold, italic, hyperlink etc…). On normal screens (1080) I believe they are about 16px size.

My goal is to find simple flat icons which will look good on every screen regardles of the screen resolution and zoom factor. I tried some Windows 10 icons (32px) but they don’t look well on 1080 screen when scaled down to 16px.

Could you please advise what is the common approach when developing a desktop application? Are there any modern flat icons packs which I could use? Any tip to guide me to the right direction is highly appreciated. Thanks.


Hello friend! For 16x16 and larger icons "Simple Smal"l is the best choice.