Disable Lunacy auto update

I’ve been used lunacy for over 8 months.
lunacy updates automatically during use.
how to diable auto update ?
I only wants to update as manually, not auto update.
Thanks @Eugenia_Icons8

@jin You can download a direct version from our website instead of Microsoft Store, thus you will only have a message about an update, but it won’t be installed automatically. Likewise, you can try to search for the Store settings on how to disable an update. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

thanks for your reply. :slight_smile:
can you let me know how to find store setting?
the link or url of store setting that is mentioned about disable an update.
thanks very much :slight_smile:

Sure - you just need to open the Store App and then go to its settings.

Here you can simply move the slider and turn this off.
While this will most likely disable updates for all your Store apps.