Do you sell Icons8 merch?

Dearies, do you have a way to order branded Icons8 merch? I saw that you offer some for usability testing which means it exists, so my question is if I can either buy something like a T-shirt/hoodie or a pack of stickers, or you have ready-made templates for printing ones?
I have an idea of promoting my music and stickers really do the job. What I’m thinking about is to create a pack of stickers with a link to my page on your Fugue, but would appreciate having something for myself as I like the stylistics.

Hey there!

We’ve been thinking about creating our own merch line, but haven’t come around to it yet :slightly_smiling_face:

Ready-made templates is a very cool idea, we’ll see if we can come up with something interesting there.

Alexey, this is very kind of you. I will look forward to any news :innocent: