Donwload by Drag'n'drop not working


In the Pichon app I can no longer donwload Icons by drag’n’drop to a windows folder.

  • I can drag’n’drop to other applications.
  • I can Download to a folder using Save As.

But not drag’n’drop to windows explorer directly to a folder.

This problem has been since a about a month.

I’m currently on version


Unfortunately, we could not reproduce the issue on our testing environment. Most probably the issue is due to your system-wide software malfunctioning, antivirus software etc.


I tried this on a freshly installed win10 machine.
No go.
Tried drag n drop to desktop for instance. I get a plus image on the cursor indicating I’m adding something, but nothing happens.


Hi, Jasell!
Could you plz make a screenshot of your Windows specifications page in Windows settings?
It can be found at Start>Settings>System>About
Something like this: