Doubts on the use of your music for a full-length documentary

Hi there,

We are working on a full-length documentary with a low budget. Our aim is to take our film to different documentary festivals. The full-length movie, called “De los ojos adentro”, tells the story of a photographer that goes blind but keeps working.

We would like to use music from your website Non of the songs would be ID Content and we would clearly specify the autor and the title of the song together with the link leading to Icons8.

We were wondering if we could use the music for free as long as we do not use songs that are ID Content and we give credit to the autor, we add the title and the link to your website. If this is not the case, which payment would be required?

Thanks in advance


Hi! Thank you for choosing us!

There are two kinds of tags on our website: Content ID and PRO.
Please note that:

  1. it’s better not to use Content ID tracks on YouTube - they are registered in the database on YouTube;
  2. if the track is in PRO section and you want to use it for any public use (TV, movie, concert, public presentation, conference, etc.) - in this case, you need to buy a PRO license of the publishing organization where the author of that track is registered.

If the track doesn’t have any of these tags, you may use it with no doubt.
I wish you good luck with your great project!