Drag and Drop broken?

Has something changed with the Pichon app on macOS ? I can’t drag and drop icons into keynote anymore

macOS 12.5
keynote version 12.1 (7034.0.86)
Pichon 6.0.6 (60602)

I used to be able to pick say 400px, pdf and just drop the icon into keynote directly.
Now nothing happens, no error, the icon just doesn’t appear on the slide.
doesn’t seem to work on other default apps like pages either.


Thanks for the report, I’ve passed your info to our devteam

Any update on this? I feel like the app not performing one of its core functions … allowing drag and drop into applications is more important than a ‘4 days later’ speed of response.

1.0.12 (works) (download version)
1.0.13 (doesn’t work)

Tested this on multiple macs.


This bug is indeed there on MacOS, but unfortunately, our devs haven’t yet managed to find out the reason for this behavior :confused:

I completely understand your frustration and will keep you updated


Sorry you had to wait, but I have good news!
The issue is fixed and will be rolled out with a new update. We planned it for today, but have to wait for an approval from Apple. In other words, it will be pretty soon.