Drag'n'Drop Is Not Working from Windows App


If Icons8 Windows app is launched by a local user while another program (ex. Photoshop, Lunacy, Visual Studio, etc.) is launched with elevated privileges (usually Admin privileges), most likely the icons transfer will not be successful. This issue is concerned with Windows security system.

Solution #1 (for constant use):

A user needs to launch Icons8 Windows app with elevated privileges. To do that, follow these steps:

Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Icons8 directory


Right-click on Icons8.exe file and choose “Properties”

Choose “Compatibility” tab

Select a checkbox “Run this program as administrator”


Click “Ok” in “Properties” window

Solution #2 (quick solution but required for every launch):

Right-click on Icons8 Windows app in a Taskbar or a Start Panel and choose “Run As Administrator”